Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Celebration: "Borough" (The Podium Mall)

Like what I said in my very first post, this is what really pushed and inspired me in coming up with my food blog. I had thought about this before but I always have second thoughts, now I am writing my first post, related to what really inspired me to pursue my food blog.

During the event, they served different partner dished for the yummy cocktails of Borough in which I am not allowed to drink.. :(

The first one that was served to us was the chicken. It is not really the type of chicken you eat with rice, it is specially cooked to be eaten while drinking those yummy cocktails.

Chicken at the "Borough"

The chicken is a bit spicy,matching the taste with the cocktails that they are serving. It even matches the taste to iced tea. As for the sauce of the chicken, it really tastes good. You can even eat it without the chicken. Oh so yummy.

The next thing that were served was the popcorn with some calamares. (Squid) It has sauce with chili, and lemon. (You will the one to squeeze and mix the lemon with the sauce. I don't know the composition of the sauce but it seems I could taste some margarine in it. It really taste good if you would disregard the oily feeling of the sauce in your mouth. (It is really not advisable for women with sensitive pregnancy, i.e. hates oil! I know how it feels!) Other than that, the taste was really awesome!

Popcorn at the Borough (Image from Jo-ann Ramirez)

There were several cocktails that were available. I can't really tell you the taste since I am not allowed to drink it, I took some shot of one cocktail and took a zip since iced tea were not available anymore. Just a zip, and it already tells me there is not much alcohol in it, perfect for ladies' drinks. I forgot the name of the cocktail, I remember it has the word "sunshine" in it. (Update: I think it's tequila sunrise)

The last that were served was the mini burger. The exact opposite size American sized burger. Not only that the burger was cute, it was also very tasty. The bread taste really good and the meat, it was awesome. Although it was small, it can satisfy your taste buds. A must try for food addicts!

The last one, is a cupcake, this is not really from Borough but it was a giveaway for those who came to the party. The icing was good but it was very sweet,it exceeded the advisable of sweetness for me. As for the cake itself, I am not really an expert to breads and stuff, but my husband is good at it, his comment was it was just not made yesterday, but older than that, so the cake itself was not that good. For me, it was fine, not that good for my taste, I don't know why, it feels like something is lacking. But for the appearance, I'm giving it a hundred. :)

Again, happy birthday Nuffnang, thanks for a wonderful night. :)

PudTripTayo: Another Blog Has Been Launched

Probably everyday, another blog is being created. This your another not so typical blog. Three things that inspired me to come up with this blog:

  • The Theme: I found this theme from June Lily very cute! And I felt it would suit a food blog. This was previously a paid theme and because some celebration, she is giving it away for free. Yes, I am admitting, I'm a loco for free themes that looked like it's paid. Also, the theme is full of features and easy to customize. Since you don't have to touch the HTML. I've experienced using really cute designs but if I want to edit or add something, I have to touch the HTML. I forgot how it's called, but that's not important, so never mind! (Update: for the design where in you don't need to touch the HTML in blogger, it's called: layouts-enabled for the other one: "classic template." I remembered the answer because of, )
  • Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Celebration: Details would be in my next post.
  • I'm a loco for food: Since I met  my partner,I started loving to eat, especially when I got pregnant. Aside from gadgets, I'm good with food. I felt that I can't maintain a good gadget blog niche.
At first. I was hesitant to come up with a food blog, I was scared, I don't know what to post, what to write, and where to get all these food! But I found the courage during Nuffnang's 5th birthday celebration yesterday. Now, Nuffnang really had some significant meaning in my blogging life. I hope eventually this blog will be successful unlike my other blogs. I hope this blog will not be neglected. And on the first anniversary of my PudTripTayo blog, I will post this entry again! :) 
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